Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lesson Learned

If all of these things are ever true...

1. You planned a long, real (which means the opposite of a quick run to pick up a few things), grocery shopping trip with a list.
2. It is nearing your toddler son's bedtime, but you think you can pull it off so you bring him along.
3. You actually planned out meals to make, so you have to spend extra time looking for weird ingredients.
4. As a result of 1, 2, and 3 you have a cart loaded to the gills with perishables.

...don't forget your wallet.

Monday, February 27, 2006

Is this a joke?

I have been on hold with the GRE registration line for 1 hour 48 minutes and 38 seconds. I need to try to move up my testing date due to a long story. This is turning it into a longer story.

If I have to listen to bad 70's music and "Thank you for continuing to hold, all representatives are busy assisting other callers. Your call will be answered in the order it was received." much longer I will cut off my soar ear and beat the receiver with it. Because to make this even more enjoyable, my work phone doesn't have speaker phone. Think my supervisor is coming...

Edited to add an update...
after 2 hours sixteen minutes and 15 seconds I hung it up. Good Grief.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

wishful wonder twins

The new Amazing Race premiers next Tuesday 9pm, CBS! This is the show I vow to be on before I die or it does. Pure reality, marvelous entertainment. Loads of cold cash.

My sis, Lo, and I would be great contestants because we have seen every bloomin episode, would be ridiculously competitive and have formulated many smart maneuvers, for sure. I guess we wouldn't be all that interesting as a pair. The whole twin thing has already been played, and we don't have any severe bitterness going on and don't really like to ridicule each other more than is necessary for sisters. Although, I could probably zing her a few times for her map reading and she can't drive a stick (well) so I could see me trying to do both on the European side of the rode and her screaming in the back. Maybe that would make for a good video! Then she could yell at me for being the stupid twin because she is much more well versed in the ways of world travel. Man, I can't even pretend to be interesting enough for them to want us.

I guess the last tape we submitted of us running all over Ellison park and playing handball didn't do it for the producers. shrug.

Be sure to tune in...

Monday, February 20, 2006

this or that?

I hate making big decisions. I have never been good at them. Not entirely sure why, but it is extremely frustrating. Maybe it's because my mom went through an irrational time when she didn't let us read these. If only I could catch a ride with him. Sure, that would take all the joy out of the "journey" but I could tolerate that better than being indecisive.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

head healthy?

Here is one of the thousand or so questions I was asked today...

True or False:
I wake up some mornings feeling evil.

I like questions on psych evals that get straight to the point.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Sleepy Head

Abel helped prove us right when it came to his sleeping habits.

I am actually talking about his tendency of not putting himself to sleep habits. We read the books, tried a few new techniques, but nothing worked. Since he was a few weeks old I could tell that he was not the cooing type of baby who just nursed and then you put him in his crib so he could nestle in for the night. It was always a battle. We tried the whole cry-it-out mess, which may "work like a charm" for some but Abel's temperment wouldn't allow it to work and my heart fizzled every time we attempted it. We sensed his dread and uneasiness about falling asleep by himself. I knew he just liked the comfort of one of us (usually me) helping him doze off. I didn't mind, except for the nights when it seemed we had a gremlin.

We stuck to it though and now Abel is older and wiser. I knew we could get him to learn about what sleep is and to like the idea of it. We started "playing" sleep. Laying his Elmo down on the floor and tucking him in and then laying next to him making sleep sounds. Then we started showing him how to fall asleep laying on our bed, this took some time. I am happy and proud to report that now, after all this time, Abel has his night time stories and we lay him in his crib with his cuddly friends and he curls into sleep. He no longer fears it and we are relieved. I am proud of us for helping him figure it out without resorting to tactics I didn't feel comfortable with.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Aversion to Adverbs

I will never again choose Mad Libs as a quick activity to occupy my eighth graders.

It turned into an hour long English lesson.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Missed It

I have been taking the same route to work for three years. Today, on my way through this very light littered and boring route, I noticed something. Well, really I noticed the lack of something. A building is missing. Vanished. I never saw them tearing it down or bulldozing large pieces of concrete. Now there is just a smooth spot with sedans parked on it. It was kind of creepy and puzzling how I could miss something like that.

Sunday, February 05, 2006


I have never been to a Super Bowl party like we had at church tonight. This is what was on the menu (because that is all that really matters at a Super Bowl party, right?):

9 different kinds of chili and all the fixins
chips and dips
2 kinds of cupcakes
3 kinds of cookies
2 kinds of brownies
1 kind of banana bread

...and an IPod Nano as the prize for the Super Bowl pool. Bonus.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Today I was meeting with a student who was having a horrible day. She is one of my only students who is actually passing seventh grade. Not only is she passing but she has the highest GPA out of any girl I have had in my program in three years. She is considering flunking on purpose so that her mom will take her out of Charlotte (high school). I remember her telling me before that the only ways she can get her mom to agree to move her to another school is by failing or getting kicked out.

Her bad day was as a result of getting her arm slammed in a door, reportedly by a teacher. I was not there so I have no idea what happened. She has a good track record with me and the school and has no apparent reason to lie to me. So, this is where she started getting more motivation to begin the steps needed for a transfer. She told me she has it all planned out. She will meet with the teacher and if he doesn't want her in his class anymore she will just skip for the rest of the year and fail. Thus earn the transfer she wishes. Or, if the teacher gives her attitude she was going to slam him up against the wall. Also, an effective way (according to her mother) of getting out of there. She told me there is no reason to care what way it happens as long as it does. These are what she sees as her options.

In the middle of our meeting, in which we were starting to make some progress, a counselor pounds on my door. She enters without my reply because I was just going to ignore her since my student was so upset. It was no surprise to me that it was the snarky woman from upstairs. The counselor began her diatribe about another student not being placed in my group. She had obviously not seen, or cared to recognize, the very upset girl in front of me. My student asked her rudely if she could be transferred out of the class about which she was complaining to me. The counselor snapped, "You know very well no student will be transferred out of ANY class for ANY reason!" I thought it was more shrill than necessary. She looked at me and said, "I sure hope you aren't leading her to believe it is a possibility for her to be transferred!"

I said, "I haven't given her any hope that she would be. I was really just hoping you could listen to her concerns." She turned around and left.

This student is very intelligent. She is sick of doing the right thing. It seems she is more likely to get what she wants by doing the wrong thing. We talked for twenty more minutes before her bus was leaving. I hope she is still there next week, she promised she will try. Seems like I may be the only person encouraging her to continue being one of Charlotte's top students.