Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Vacation has come and gone. I am at the brink of the back-to-work blues. Last night I asked Abel if he will enjoy going to school at home like his friends. He nodded, then added, "And then you won't have to go to work anymore." He's so little but learning and growing too fast. I hope by the time he is into his schooling full force I can be home more.

Most people at work won't take a whole week off at once. They figure it takes too long to get caught up after being gone that long so they would rather cut their vacation time short. WHAT? So they let time build in their banks and then take long weekends here and there. This is so contradictory to my way of thinking. :) My motto is take long vacations as often as possible. The work will always be there in one heaping pile or two. Piles are a means to the end of the day when I get to go home.

Vaca (as my dental hygienist calls it) was very perfect. Away for a bit to something different for a shift of thinking. Nothing tropical or particularly interesting. Just time that was not the usual and purposeful in a lazy way. Time catching up with old friends and eating different foods. All I need for a break is a cup of coffee in a different city. So we had a cup in Boston, Portsmouth, and Portland and came home. Tomorrow it will be a boring cup at work!