Wednesday, August 23, 2006

pants on fire

me: Any further police contact?

tiffany: No, not at all.

me: ...and have you used any drugs or alcohol?

tiffany: nope.

me: Okay, I'm going to screen you today since we need an update for your file.

tiffany: -face dropping-

me: Can we bring your baby in the bathroom with us or should I find another female officer to watch her while we do this?

tiffany: um...

me: What's wrong?

tiffany: It's going to be positive for pot.

me: Why did you lie to me?

tiffany: -crying- Because I didn't know you were going to screen me!

me: Well, the question wasn't 'if you knew I was going to screen you today would you admit to using drugs?'

tiffany: You're right. Sorry.

me: If I ask you a question you need to tell me the truth.

tiffany: -bawling- I promise. I will be honest with you. I am so stressed lately cause my mom called CPS on me....

..... and so begins a whole different story, which I am sure she was telling the honest to goodness truth about.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

smelly no more

This morning I realized two things. One being that I haven't been home all day for over a month. Two being that our house smells like rotten. Yes, rotten is a noun.

I knew it was bad when Abel was very enthusiastic about pitching in to help clean. I am sorry to all the people who have been over this week. It wasn't pretty. Scott is great at keeping the dishes in a clean state and doing all the laundry during the week. I have been doing the detail stuff- like vacuuming under the couch- on weekends.

Oh, and another great thing happened today. We bought a new couch! This will help the rotten. Our old couch will be on the curb if any homeless person wants it. Thanks to Jake and a few moves it is a sink/stink hole. There is reason #2 to visit this week. :)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

curfew checks

It's past 9:00 in the pm. Which means all my peeps with curfews should be nestled in safely at home having some quality family time. Just checked in with some of them and only 1 out of 9 was home. Tomorrow will be a busy day.

Friday, August 11, 2006

not so lazy summer days update

This being my first summer in a very long time that I don't have vacation time is crazy. Within the past 16 days we have driven to Maine and back and I have flown to Chicago then drove to LaPorte, IN and back. All with only taking 2.5 days off of work. We leave again tomorrow but only for a 2.5 hour trip to a friend's wedding and then to see some family. Zippee, my summer is flying!

Today Abel is showing signs of complete recovery from his illness!

I took him to a playground different from the one in our neighborhood tonight and heard a girl who was Abel's height talk like a racist trucker. After she accosted all the little girls on the slide this cute girl's classy mother decided to slap her mouth and drag her to the car. Looks like her chances of passing this stage are slim. Luckily Abel was obliviously happy on a different slide playing hide-and-seek. The little girl standing next to me told me the young trucker is only four years old and "the devil came up in her" to say those things. Abel and I promptly left after a young boy, probably around 9 years-old, started yelling "Tamira is a $%&*" from the top of the monkey bars. Good clean family fun!

Today at work I made a 6'1- 350 pound man cry. He was arrested, again, for assaulting his pregnant girlfriend.

Yes, these are crazy days.

Next summer I will be taking a nice long vacation!