Thursday, October 26, 2006

be safe

Due to a conversation I had today I feel the need to post a link to the nys sex offender registry. If you haven't checked it in a few months note that it has been changed in order to be compliant with a new federal mandate. It now contains level 2 and 3 offenders. Just in case you feel like being aware of who is in your area, but also realize sex offenses get pled down (more than you would like to know) just like any other crime so this is not an all inclusive list.

There will be crews of POs out doing surveillance on registered offenders for halloween. Child offenders are given clear instructions that they are not to hand out candy or do anything to attract children to their homes (put up decorations, etc.)
Please, just be a little extra cautious on that night.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


For the past week and a half I have been going through my Probation Fundamentals course. We have three days left. My brain is ready to implode. We have our second test this Friday.

Today we covered gang populations, domestic violence, crisis intervention, mental health, aggressive dogs and appropriate treatment agencies. That is how each day has been for the past seven work days...very full. And it is actually pushing me to want to be back in the office dealing with my peeps. Mercy.

Did you know it is physically possible to regurgitate razor blades on demand?

Friday, October 13, 2006

Loving Lola

The hardest birthday I have had was seven years ago. Scott and I had just moved to Las Vegas a few weeks prior and I had started a new job one day prior. This was it, the first birthday Lora and I had ever been apart. I was stuck at a desk all day with nothing to do but think about my sister and the fall leaves back home. I wished teleporting was real and surely we talked via phone on the hour, every hour.

Five o'clock rolled around and I was so glad to see Scott when he picked me up. We didn't know the area restaurants well yet but I was in the mood for Chinese. Scott obliged while reminding me all Chinese food looks like it was dipped in snot. I asked him if I had gotten anything in the mail that day. He sadly said, "I didn't check it." My stomach hurt but I tried to be upbeat on the way home. I think I failed.

When I opened the door to our stucco apartment there was a tower of priority mail blocking the entry way. This was the only time Scott lied to me and it was great. I got presents from everyone in my family, wrapped individually. I didn't even care what they were just that they were from home. Scott and I ate cake and laughed together at how grumpy I had been before. There would be more birthdays together with her. I was sure of it because I couldn't stand the thought of the opposite. It was the hardest birthday in many ways but one of the only ones I remember in detail. Scott turned it into something special for me.

Now we are getting old and Lora is having a baby girl! I am glad we are back.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

rule #4

I have a co-worker who has strict policies about dealing with her peeps:

joey- hand extended (trying to make a good first impression)

PO- "One of my rules is I don't shake hands."

joey- "Um, why not?"

PO- "Because of germs."

joey- "Um, oh."

....later that afternoon on the phone....

joey's mom- "Is this joey's PO?"

PO- "Yes."

joey's mom- "Are you a racist?"

PO- "Absolutely not!"

joey's mom- "Then why did you tell my son you won't shake his hand because he is German!"

sappy and true

I am a sucker for three-day weekends. I think I have figured out what is most valuable when working full time...time off. I would take a week if you gave it to me but three days is not so bad either. Saturday was a great day full of things to do. You know, fall things. Pumkins, bonfires and coffee with buds. Sunday was a great family day. Visiting family and the ones I am stuck here with.;) Plus church buds and LOST. Monday was cleaning, relaxing, walking and cooking. Scott painted most of the porch and let me play with Abel all day. All of those things are what make me smile. Then to top it off, at dinner last night Abel was very pleased with the soup I made and contently said, "I love you, Mama. What a wonderful day." I literally cried in my soup.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

I have tomorrow off!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

sweet decades (after 20)

The best part of having birthdays that end in 0, or so I am learning, is that you get cool presents. Scott got me a new bathroom vanity and faucet! Anyone that has had the pleasure of sitting on our toilet and staring at the old one should be very happy for me. The previous owner of this house, although a sweet soul, was indeed lacking in his plumbing ability. This means that every plumbing job that Scott has redone in all of the three units has required some sort of saw. I am not sure at how quick of a pace the new stuff will be in place but I still like looking at it sitting in the living room.

I have also already received a membership to the increasingly cool Strong Museum, clothes and money... oh, and my birthday is still seven days away. Heavens above!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

my wipes

Great uses for clorox wipes or their generic counterparts that have never been officially advertised:
1. Washing the bathroom floor.
2. Wiping off everything that has entered the urine screen room at work.
3. Dusting.
4. De-crusting Abel's board books.
5. Cleaning off cheese knives while camping.
6. Killing moths.
7. Cleaning dog stuff off my shoe.