Sunday, January 27, 2008

Some things I love about my son…

He brings his stuffed animal into our room in the morning and stands by the bed staring at me while hugging his mr. moose or teddy bear.

When we ask him what he wants for dinner he says, “Um, tofu, beans and rice!” (weirdo)

Every night when they pick me up from work Abel says from the back seat, “Mom, how was your work?”

The other day he said, “I did two great things today! I played outside and peed on the ground!”

He calls the Strong Museum the “national museum of play."

Lately we shout back and forth at bed time at least ten times…”GOOD NIGHT~ I LOVE YOU!”

He told me I needed slippers to “avoid the snow by the door.”

His sideways glance when he says a new word, but isn’t sure of the actual meaning.

He says things like, “Look! It’s a banana poop!” or "I made a '9' out of poop!" The potty layer on his sense of humor is maturing right along with the toilet training.

When I try to get him ready to leave the house he will jump on the couch and fall onto the other side by the wall to hide. I try not to show that it amuses me but I think he gets it.

He gets excited about all the things I like. I remember doing that to my mom. What’s not to love about that? ☺

He likes to cuddle most of the time and now that it is cold most nights he asks if he can sit under the blanket with me on the couch.

Whenever I cook he asks to stir whatever needs to be mixed.

He has a contagious laugh and goofy hair.

He is old enough now to pick a restaurant and it’s usually Red Robin, because of the balloons.

He asked me who Jesus’ daddy was.

When he thinks about something he slowly taps his cheek with his finger and looks truly pensive.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Some number highlights from 2007...

1... The total # of nieces I got this year!

1.... The total # of nephews I got this year!

0... The balance on our credit cards. Now that is a success I can think about way into the night. Student loan debt is another story for about 30 years from now.

500 or so... The miles I ran last year.

18... The number of pounds I lost since 1/7/07. I would have thought it would have been more from the number above this one.

5... How many states we visited. Some were only driven through, it was not really a traveling year. I hope to improve on that in '08.

175... The hours spent in some kind of work training this year. Most of them requiring hitting, punching and batoning.

3... How many times I dug up my front flower bed with anticipation of planting something. Never happened.

5... In the back we planted this many kinds of veggies.

6-7... The # of times both Abel and I cried before I left for work.

4... Strawberry-rhubarb pies I made.

4... Seasons of "The Wire" we watched! Woo-hoo, rockin' show.

3... # of times we brought Abel to the movies. (Another # I hope to improve on in '08)

15... How many times someone at work called me a tree hugger or granola girl.

42 or so... Times I watched someone pee in a cup. A number I hope to lower in '08.