Sunday, February 25, 2007

If you are looking for a great memoir this one will do the trick!

Friday, February 23, 2007

I remember reading something about runner’s safety when I was young that said to always carry a quarter with you in case you needed to call someone for help. I started running when I was probably 15 or 16. My sister and I would just run around the neighborhood and down a couple of side streets to Lake Erie. There were no pay phones on that route.

As I was running today I started to mentally list all the precautions I try to take while running or walking. Figuring one or more may be helpful to my lady friends, which I say because it sounds funny and because women are more likely to be attacked. Most of these things you probably already do when running or walking but as I was thinking today I realized I need to remind myself of some of these daily so why not review with me… and please leave comments with any additional pointers I have left out! Some of these make me sound paranoid. I don’t mind. ☺

Be multiplied…
If possible run or walk with a partner. This is for obvious reason, but still be cautious. I read police reports frequently of women getting attacked even when with a friend. Still keep in mind the following points.

Be aware…
Keep your head up and look at what is around you. This also sounds obvious but it is easy to get into a rhythm and forget to check behind cars or bushes as you run past. If you have to wear headphones keep the volume of your music low enough to still hear foot traffic and street traffic. Run during daylight hours so things are more apparent. Don’t flash fancy MP3 players or make them too obvious
Notice suspicious cars and people.

Be reading…
Street signs and landmarks will be the only way you can tell someone where to find you if you have to make a call.

Be populated…
If possible run on main streets or where there is usually more foot traffic and street lights. Don’t run alone in parks or on trails. This is the worst scenario possible, I think. Avoid it.

Be unpopulated…
If someone makes you uneasy- move. Run to the other side of the street or just run faster to a safe place. If you are approaching a group of people on a porch or just in general that make you feel weird then turn around, their feelings won’t be hurt. If someone approaches you and tries to engage you in question or conversation just keep running. A question is the way many robbers distract someone. Again, who cares if you are rude. You are not running or walking to meet people, hopefully. ☺ If people pull their cars over to ask for directions pretend like you are busy or if you feel comfortable talking to the person stay a safe distance from their vehicle while you give directions.

Be looking at people…
This doesn’t mean you have to smile or talk to complete strangers. Just look every person you pass in the eyes. You are less likely to be attacked if you can ID the person. If you are a nice person sometimes it is hard not to smile and say hello to everyone you see, but some people are just real jerks or whackos and might take this the wrong way. Use your own judgment!

Be armed…
Carry a cell phone, which means in your hand- not in your pocket. Have 911 on speed dial and make sure your tracking device on your phone is on. Most phones have them now- just check your settings.
It doesn’t hurt to carry pepper spray, just check your state laws about it and read up on how to properly handle and store it.

Be confident…
Your attitude and body language tell a lot about how prepared you are to handle a situation. If someone does lay their hands on you give them a fight and be loud. And whatever you have to do to avoid getting in someone’s car, do it.

Whew, sorry, that was a long list I had in my head. The things I see people are doing to others in our community (that means in the city AND suburbs) make me obligated to remind you to do everything possible to stay safe!

Monday, February 19, 2007

In the marathon training book we have the authors share a ton of information on visualization while running. Yesterday I tried it. As I was dragging through snow drifts and sliding through slosh I imagined I was running on the beach. The reason my feet were hanging up wasn't snow, it was sand. The stinging and whipping feeling on my face wasn't whirling snow drifts but mist off the ocean waves. Yeah, it doesn't work. It got me about 50 feet then all I could imagine was being hurled into a snowbank by the passing plow.

I haven't accrued as many miles so far in this month as in Jan. but I am still running 2-3 days per week. So, that is at least...hopeful. It is hard to drag out of bed in normal conditions in the winter. Trying to do it with the big idea of going running before work when it is -6 out is impossible. I can't wait for the weather to break!

Speaking of breaks, thanks to the dead presidents who afforded me the day off. Maybe my niece will decide to show up today!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day! Love You, Slick.

Monday, February 12, 2007

A co-worker had something fun happen to him today. Here is the setting... PO observing person peeing in cup for urine screen and something is off. Here is the conversation...

PO: "Ok, hand me the cup."

Matt: "Here ya go."

PO: "Why does this cup feel cold?"

Matt: "Don know." - smirking

PO: "Is this your urine?"

Matt: "Of course it is!"

PO: sticking the test stick in the cup- "Alright, I'll give you this one."

PO: "It's positive for morphine. Is herion your new drug of choice?"

Matt: freaking out- "Dude, that's not my pee!"

PO: " Oh, really? You were just swearing up and down it is your pee."

Matt: freaking out more- "No, man, I just bought that off a guy for $60!"

PO: "Aw, too bad."

Matt: " I swear I REALLY am clean!"

PO: laughing

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The people of my day...

Probationers who call you just to ask about concealed weapon laws are slightly alarming.

People who eat sardines are just vying for attention.

Meeting facilitators with ADHD somehow go through agendas five times and still miss something.

People who say they only smoke marijuana when they do coke are lying.

Astronauts who carry pepper spray and pipes should not land space shuttles.

People who make cookies with coconut in them are angels.