Thursday, July 20, 2006

cost effective

I had a close friend tell me that my friendship is worth $700 dollars a month to her.

That is the amount she pays in student loans every month... and we met in college.

How flattering!

brain freeze

A phone conversation I had with a probationer today:

Me: "Probation"

Anthony: "Mz. Austin?"

Me: "Yes."

Anthony: "Hi! This is Anthony!"

Me: "Hi, Anthony, how are you?"

Anothony: "Great! How are you Mz. Austin?"

Me: "Fine."

Anthony: "Good, hey I don't want to bug ya but I wanted to tell you my good news."

Me: "Yes? (And would you hurry up about it?)"

Anthony: "You know how I got fired from that job and you told me to get another one?"

Me: "Um, yup (distraction)."

Anthony: "Well... I got a great job."

Me: "Great. Good work, what is it?"

Anthony: "It's working at a warehouse."

Me: "When do you start?"

Anthony: "Not sure yet."

Me: "Well... did you have an interview?"

Anthony: "No... not yet."

Me: "Ok... so, they really like your application?"

Anthony: "Well... I just handed it in, but I know this guy and he said he can put it at the top of the pile."

Me: "Call me back when they give you a start date."

Anthony: "No problem!"

Friday, July 14, 2006


We just got home from a Rochester Rhino's game, which I don't feel like linking... so, if you must know it is soccer. They just built this great new stadium here in the middle of the city and I was impressed by the turnout on a clammy, muggy night. The reason for this post is not soccer related. It is Abel related.

Last year at this time Abel was just taking his first steps. We had a great time last summer camping and swimming but everything Abel did we had to be holding his hands so he could walk upright to do it. Some people say, "awww." I say... I am happy for the upgrade. Oh man that was a lot of work!

Back to the Rhinos, we had a blast at the game and I believe it is mostly due to this age difference. Sure it would have been a hoot last year, but this year Abel really got into the game. He was chanting "Rhinos!" and counting the seats and eating popcorn. We walked all along the perimeter of the park before the game started so he could zap away some walking energy and it worked...phew. He's so much a little boy now and so comical. It made me start thinking more about all the adventures we will soon be taking together with all his new levels of physical ability and understanding.

The best part by far was the last twenty minutes of the game because he only wanted to snuggle into our laps and watch the end of the game plus the post-game fireworks... he loved it. Maybe it was the free tickets that made it seem so worth while, but I think it was my lil curly headed buddy.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Some Saturday Observations

1. I watched as a sixty or so year old man belittled his wife in public. She got up from the table she shared with him and went to sit alone with her paper. Good for her.

2. Abel likes shredded zucchini strategically placed in the sauce with his tortellini.

3. We figured out that the public market is a fifteen minute walk from our house. Wonder why we always drove before!

4. Gay Pride parades are very well attended.

5. Scott is very good at fixing 130 year-old porches.

6. The strawberries out right now make a perfect strawberry shortcake.

7. A snort is very hard reaction to interpret.

8. You can observe a lot when you don't have a schedule of Saturday events.

9. The Tops on South Clinton is much more tolerable than the one on Winton. Much.

10. I like being bored. Very.

this just in...

A classic young adult story, Bridge to Terabithia, is coming to the big screen next year!
I have a copy if you would like to partake of one of my favorite and fastest reads before it is translated into Hollywood.