Saturday, June 28, 2008

snippet of a conversation...

Young Punk: I was gonna tell you that I will be taking a trip this summer.

Me: You mean, going to ask me?

YP: Oh, right. I am going to Holland.

Me (half-listening, which is tendency when you have ten things on your mind): Holland, the country? (starting to laugh)

YP: Yeah, I am going to go to drug treatment there.

Me: (Continuing to laugh).. YP, did you REALLY think I would say that was a possibility? Honestly?

YP: My mom thinks it would be best since you told her that she can't do holistic treatment with me at home instead of inpatient.

Me: You can't go more than 2 days in treatment here without damaging property or having the police called to remove you from the agency, what makes you think we would let you go half way around the world for treatment in  a place where most drugs are legal?

YP: You really aren't going to let me go? 

Me: (laughing... still) 

Saturday, June 07, 2008

I spent last week riding a bike for work and now I am a certified through the International Police Mountain Bike Association. Who knew there was such a thing? And who knew you could ride your bike down a flight of 20+ stairs and not break your neck? It was a very exhausting week. I have the many bruises to prove I at least tried every stunt. I thought I was going to make it through with minimal crashing of my bike. On the last day I eliminated that possibility by stalling out during a skills test and kissing the hot hot ground. Monday it will be hard to return to my desk chair, even though it will be considerably more comfortable.