Monday, September 25, 2006

walking a warrant through

Which in short hand means... instead of waiting for our courier to deliver the violation paperwork through the court clerk and to the judge's desk I had to deliver it by hand and have the judge sign the warrant. I had my first thrill at this last week. The reason for doing this is so one of my probationers who got re-arrested for criminal possession of a weapon last weekend won't be released from jail just yet.

Assistant District Attorneys like to put off preliminary hearings so as to not have defendants released while being held on new violent arrests. Sometimes they cant' hold off the hearing as long as they would like and the only way to accomplish that is for us to file a violation with warrant right away which will hold a probationer in custody, past the hearing. I had to make this one stick and he was going to be in court in the morning session. I finally got ahold of the judge around 9:15 am and luckily he didn't have a docket that morning so his secretary said to run over. My supervisor signed off on the violation and I ran over to the Hall of Justice and up to the fourth floor, where the Supreme Court judges preside. After I waited for the judge to finish up his conversation and sign the warrant I booked to the clerk's office to have it time stamped then a block away to the old city hall to lodge it with the Rochester Police Department's Criminal Investigation Unit. Their officers help us out and lodge it right away. It was done just in time. I was very happy, in part because the Public Defender was not.

Monday, September 18, 2006

sweater weather

This time of year is like christmas eve every day. I know fall is close and can smell hints of it but already melancholy about it passing. I wish I could stretch the next several weeks into months, believe me it would not change it's novelty. Today it was quite warm but it's going to cool slowly through this week. That wispy crisp air mixed with sunshine is my yearly dose of medicine.

Something about this seasonal change is freaky. I don't think it is ready for change yet. Sure enough, now that living things are at their peak, a cold north wind will blow it all to bits. Nice. That is why I try to realize every minute of the transition. I don't want to lose it in the snow.

A coworker who shares my birthday asked me what we were planning this year. I told her we may just take lunch to a park and sit, play and eat with some friends and family. She scrinched up her face like that was the weirdest idea ever. "Won't it be too cold for that? I don't think I have ever done that!" Smiling I told her that is my idea of a great day. She still thinks I was joking.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


It is just one of those nights where I really want to be curled under my covers and snoring but for some insane reason I am sitting slouched over the computer staring. Sometimes I just can't move and I read every word on all my bookmarked sites without closing my eyes. I don't understand it but I decided to do something while I am typing.

Lora came home and is doing very well so far, that is the biggest relief of my life. She is exhausted and slowly gaining her strength back. We are feeding her like a lumber jack on steroids and she is looking better every day. Now we are hoping her incision heals well and quickly. Seeing her hurting was torture. I am glad she is smiling again.

I have a lot more to write, but not now. Later.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

left the building

I have vanished off the face of the earth for good reason over the past two weeks. My twin has been in the hospital. She is doing quite better but still there and needless to say this has been my focus. The goal now is to get her home. Thanks to all for their help and prayers. I will be around with an update soon.