Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My Day in Court

Tomorrow it is, my first day with a subpoena. I have to report to the judge about the first youthful offender on my caseload who is sending himself back in. It's a violation on a felony conviction so he is looking at spending some prison time. I have mixed feelings about this kid (I will be 30 this year so I can say that). In the time I have been around he has fooled the judge into believing he is finally going to fulfill his court ordered substance abuse treatment, lied to me about taking GED classes and smoked up a few hundred times. Pretty much open and shut. Still frustrating. He is graduating into the adult criminal world. Not a place he will likely leave.

I better go find something presentable to wear and I am falling asleep writing this. Wow, I am an exciting blogger.

I will give you an update soon. And will let you know if I decide to let the training officers spray me with pepper spray next week. Maybe that will hold your attention.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

work, web, and handguns

Been awhile. Man, this no personal online time at work business is really messing up my internet life. After Abel goes to bed I make it through my e-mail, a few people's blogs, and the weather before I turn my attention elsewhere. Abel is preoccupied for a few minutes with his new curious george monkey that his friend Bryn gave him so I will pass along one interesting thing I found at work this week.

If peace officers weren't freaked out enough about mistaking a real gun for a toy gun and killing someone over it, now they have to deal with the potential for the opposite. Read on...