Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Until the other night I hadn't realized just how crazy my mother was about us eating healthfully. I had revealed a not so interesting fact about my mom's food rules to a bunch of people and they laughed. I will list some snippets below. I started thinking about it again today when I offered someone one of Abel's healthier snacks and they snarled at me. I am not nearly as crazy as she is but she sure taught us a lot. And still does. 

Some whacky health food stories from childhood...

1. We picked one sugar cereal and then got it wrapped under the tree for christmas. Yip, that comes once a year.

2. Mom pulled out her box of homemade herbal remedy concoctions stored in dark little bottles when we complained of anything.

3. Kids made fun of us relentlessly for our daily refried bean sandwiches that also had a hefty layer of bean sprouts between two slices of multigrain bread. (Now I would love for someone to make me that every day for lunch!)

4. We took a shot of liquid chlorophyll every day. Then when it was found that there were more vitamins in Barley Green we took that nasty stuff in apple juice. I can still taste it. Gives me shivers.

5. Instead of going to the doctors we put goldenseal salve on EVERYTHING. (Mom still took us to the doc when necessary, she wasn't that whacky.)

6. Once I was sick and my mom gave me homemade cayenne pepper capsules. I took three at once and two of them got stuck in my throat. My sisters proceeded to laugh at me as I drooled all over the couch... for a long time.

7. When Scott and I were dating he came to my house during break and he felt sick so my mom gave him "just the thing." And he was throwing up chamomile tea all night. Apparently some people are allergic.

8. If my dad broke the rules and brought home donuts on Saturday morning we had to eat an apple first. 

9. We went with my mom every other Saturday morning to work at the local co-op. We got paid in carob coated malt balls or a snack we referred to as dog food.

10. All I will say is, don't eat miso soup when you feel like throwing up before hand.

The good things I learned from her wackiness...

1. If you are a good cook you can make all foods taste great. Too bad I can't cook like her!

2. Add vegetables in whenever possible. We had salad every single night.

3. Enjoy treats as often as possible.

4. Healthy food and vitamins help you feel better.

Thanks, Mom. You're the master, that's why I keep coming to you for advice! 


Blogger Lora said...

As kids we CERTAINLY didn't see the benefit of what she taught us. Now (as a mother) I see that she really gave us a great foundation.

I remember going shopping with her and she never looked at the calorie or fat content in anything. she always said to look at the ingredient list. If you could read everything and comprehend the ingredients - then it's a good choice. She was so right!

OMG - I remember the barley green, but the apple before a donut was so much more painful.

My WORST memory of our diet was the 'garbage soup' (that is - the entire contents of our freezer - 99% frozen veggies - dumped into a pot with broth, pasta and crushed tomotoes..Now THAT was a bad day.).

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