Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I have something funky going on with my back. About ten years ago I wrenched it very wrong and every now and again if I twist just right I can get it to wrench again. But today the funkiness was different. Of course lately I have been raving about how good my back feels and how "it must be because of running...blahblah." After running five miles this morning I came home to Abel jumping on the couch already sporting a lumpy diaper. So after changing him I forgot to stretch. In the shower I twisted just that wrong way and a wave of pain and depression settled around my entire back. Very weird. Not sure if it was for the lack of stretching or I was just due for a freak bout of pain.

I then did what most normal people do. Popped three motrin and went to work. By 12:30 I needed three more. It was the type of pain that can't be remedied by adjusting your position. I was ready to lay flat on my back.

On the way home I had visions of not cooking dinner and Scott lovingly took us through the Wendys window. I have a love-hate relationship with the Wendys. I think it depends on the day and location. One day I could be perfectly happy with the product and then there are days like today. My chicken sandwich was scorched and someone squeezed excessive amounts of clotted mayo on the bun before sitting on it. yum. I also ordered a baked potato that was a weird shade of brown, on the inside where it should be white. So I mashed it up with sour cream and salt and ate it. yum times two. Abel was happy. His chicken nuggets were all he dreamed they could be and Scott seemed content with his spicy chicken.

Sometime when your back hurts you will eat whatever you are given for dinner. I guess that is my story. I am going to take more drugs.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Saturday we ran seven miles and it wasn't as painful as I expected! I was happy about that. We didn't stop and it actually felt better than the six miler the previous week. When this seven miles is doubled plus some I hope I don't die.

Some of the things I have found interesting about long distance running in my rather short attempt at it is...

that it takes more focus than power

water is a very necessary thing more often than I thought

running uphill has some of its own perks

interesting routes help you focus less

This week the long run is 8 miles. Pray for us.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

me: How much did you have to drink before you were arrested?

sam: Oh, not much, just like one or two beers.

me: Well, was it one or two?

sam: I had two.

me: How many ounces were they?

sam: Well, I had two before I went to sleep and the two when I woke up.

me: (clarifying statements inserted here)

sam: Yeah, so four total. Um. they were the big ones.

me: You had four forty ouncers?

sam: Oh, not THAT big.

me: OK, Sam, someone else is waiting for me. How many ounces did you drink?

sam: Um, the medium size, between the twelve and forty ounces. Four of 'em.

me: That is a lot of beer. How can you afford all that beer when you can't pay on your fines?

sam: Yup, I guess so. Um, it was pretty cheap.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I like the routine that this running has added to my life. Somedays it feels a little like a chore to fit in but most days it adds structure and a reason to get me moving. Becca and I have started running together in the mornings before work. Right now that means a 5:45 wake up call. In a few weeks that will mean earlier if I am going to be running longer before work. We commented today on how we have only had one day of iffy weather since starting the program. It is amazing. Every other one has been glorious. The kind of morning when I am glad to have an excuse to get out of bed and get outside before work. I remember last summer trudging to the car to get to work under blue skies and feeling depressed that I would be inside most of the day. Now I am forcing myself to be out there first and that has helped keep me sane while being pent up for the rest. At least until I get home again and tromp around with Abel on our walks.

The added structure also comes from having to have all my bags and clothes ready for the next day. Mostly because I can't think straight until I am on my second mile so having my shoes and keys by the door every night limits the countless minutes of staring in the morning. Then the running limits my time to get ready for work so I have to iron the night before. Unheard of. I have never been good at getting stuff ready the night prior. I remember in high school trying to curl my bangs while ironing my uniform. And previous jobs I could usually get away with black pants and an un-ironed shirt. No longer. I am growing up or something and with that means making painstaking efforts to look presentable for work. Well, at least ironed.

Speaking of summer activities, I went for another lunch walk alone the other day. Because now, not only is it insane to walk during your lunch, but it is way too hot to even stand outside the door, bah. I went to the library. I have a new haven. Air conditioned as well as quiet. Oh, and free. Scott and I are going to meet there with Abel more during my lunch. That is a great idea for all the above reasons. The only downside was the smell of a bunch of people crammed into an air conditioned building on a hot day. I can stand it. Especially when it is the downtown version with multiple levels to escape to. I used to go there all the time when I worked downtown but it took the weather changing to remember it is only about a ten minute walk away from work. Score.

So my summer will consist of running, ironing and going to the library. Thrilling.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Last night as Abel and I walked to the park in the freezing air I noticed his eyes starting to turn red. Then his nose started running. He was getting whiney and tired quickly. I chalked it all up to the fact that it was less than 55 degrees out. When we got home my throat started getting that weird tickle and my head got all foggy. An hour after that Scott started saying he felt kind of sick. It was all freakish. Now we all have colds. They are tolerable but enough to make you want to lay on the couch and drool.

I left work early and Scott and I laid on the couch as Abel jumped on us. He is apparently not as whiney as his parents. I am thankful that a little cold is the only complaint I have. It will not ruin me or my week. Ah, puffs plus. Have to get to bed early so I can get up early to go running. That will be oh-so-fun.