Thursday, June 29, 2006

poster envy

Monday, June 26, 2006

regret to the last mile

My grandfather and his sister never got along super well. My Aunt Grace died last weekend. I think remorse may be settling on my Grandpa's shoulders like awkward shoulder pads. Even though he was loyal to his bitterness throughout most of their adult life we all remained close with my Great-Aunt. I especially respect my Grandma for continuing her close relationship with her sister-in-law, even amidst my Grandpa's avoidance of the situation.

Their disagreements go back decades but every year that I see my Grandpa age I see his eyes grow a little softer. I think his sister's passing may have broken down that wavering line of resistance a little more. We were all together this weekend, our immediate family and a few stray cousins that we haven't seen in years. I heard the word "regret" spill from my Grandpa as he talked with his niece.

I don't know for sure, but I assume he was talking about his sister. No matter how much resentment he had it seems as though death is curing some wounds. Maybe her weakness made him see her human nature more. I hope he forgives, for his own reasons. It's strange how a wonderful and strong man with family as his highest priority can be clouded by petty contentment. Pride is an awful thing sometimes. It just hurts to see him hurt, especially knowing that opportunity for healing between them is gone.

I have a feeling he will put the energy of his regret into a more powerful love for the rest of his family... at least I hope so.

Friday, June 23, 2006

farmer's tan

We were on the shooting range all week for work. I had forgotten how nice and stinking hot it is to work outside in the summer, especially with a bulletproof vest on! I had a good time and suprisingly shot pretty well. Shooting 300 rounds a day is stressful and exhausting and we were all ready for a short day today. In a way I am glad it is over but going back to the office next week is not going to be easy.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


I completed my first day of firearms training today.
The instructor told us the first person to let the spring fly from the slide when we were disassembling the weapon had to bring donuts tomorrow. Happy to report it won't be me!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Six-Second Thoughts...

I had to rip off Scott tonight because this is just such an efficient way to blog.

1. Greek coffee is nasty. No matter if it is the sweet or the very sweet version.

Being sprayed by OC pepper punch is not in any way enjoyable. Just imagine drowning in a vat of tabasco sauce then being forced to breath it in while wedging your eyes open ever few seconds for twenty minutes straight.

3. Directly after being sprayed with OC spray is even worse when you get a phone call that your husband and son were in a car accident. (They are both just fine though, it was more of a fender bender.)

4. Abbot's frozen custard is divinity.

5. One of my probationers asked me if I get a cash bonus if he is terminated early for good behavior. I informed him that unfortunately the legal system doesn't run like Radio Shack.

6. Abel got a new toy car tonight. It's a small black VW old-timey Beetle with flowers painted on it. He is currently hugging it while sleeping in his crib. :)