Sunday, May 11, 2008

The gardening season has begun! And that picture up there is someone else's backyard. It is just very green and pretty, and our garden isn't picture worthy quite yet. We will be working along side some friends and neighbors this year to extend our little patch of urban green. Already planted in the ground are rhubarb plants, blackberry and raspberry bushes, onions, bean sprouts, wildflowers, cucumbers, chives, parsely, and sunflowers.

Tyler started a tray of seedlings of squash, spinach, peppers, cilantro and a few others that may be ready soon. I picked up two tomato plants today and am on the hunt for small cherry tomato plants. If we have any room left we will cram in some more that friends want to unload from their gardens. The rhubarb and berry plants were transplants and it is amazing how fast rhubarb grows from a root cutting, we already made one dessert because they were getting too huge we had to cut the plants back!

Abel is helping here and there. He really liked planting the sunflower seeds that Grandma gave him. We will see if he has fun weeding! More updates to come, hopefully everything does well so we can actually harvest some of it. So long running, this is going to be our summer '08 project.


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